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Emergenze Metamorfosi

Rivenditore Moyes Italia

Emergenze Metamorfosi

Conar by Moyes


Recognised as one of the world’s finest reserve parachutes is the Conar Metamorfosi, and it is now in production by Moyes.

Tested and deployed in free fall by skydivers, The Conar is one of the safest rescue parachutes ever built.

The quality of the Conar reserve has been demonstrated by hundreds of openings and has an unsurpassed range of features.

Made from premium quality, lightweight materials, the Conar has a number of unique features which gives the parachute it’s performance advantages.

  • Pulled down apex reduces sink rate and opening time.
  • Reversed Apex cone further reduces sink rate, increases stability and reduces opening time, which can be critical at low altitudes
  • Reduced surface area increases deployment speed
  • Reduced weight facilitates the throwing action and improves deployment at low airspeeds
  • Free fall tested to 150 metres, over 180 km per hour
  • Currently available in 2 sizes

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